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Print out this form, complete it and mail it in with a check for $50, made out to the PPFA.


Get Adobe Reader The registration form is a pdf. If you can not view the form, download the FREE Adobe Reader by clicking the above image.


Note: As you may remember we decided to change the membership renewal date to January for all members regardless of when you joined. This seemed like a good idea although we knew it would upset some people. Our records were so old that we had no idea who was a member and who wasn’t. So we are going to start issuing membership cards to current members with a member number and expiration date. This is going to make keeping track of our members more difficult. Please keep in mind the positive things that association offers like certifications, multiple clinics, injured farriers fund, and an endless resource of information for your continuing education.

We encourage you to renew your membership this month for the simplicity and accuracy of your account.

For our new people that we are reaching out to we encourage you to join the PPFA and become a part of something that is growing rapidly and had endless limits. The PPFA does not care how long you have been shoeing horses. We all have something to offer each other. Please consider joining the PPFA and see what we are all about.

We are incorporating an email newsletter, so please include your email address. This will allow us to send you information from neighboring associations. And please feel free to forward whatever the PPFA sends you. Emails are free and knowledge is just a click away.

Check us out on Facebook - we already have over 100 online members with
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