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-- 2010 --

AFA Certification Friday May 7th, Saturday May 8th
Hosted by the Maryland Farriers’ Association - view flyer for details.

2nd Annual “Shoeing for the Kids Day" is coming up soon and we are planning to
expand it this year - offering food, music, and a trail ride the following day to test out
those new shoes. Last year we raised over $2,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.
This year all of the proceeds will go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and we are
hoping to surpass last year. Shoes and nails will be provided by our sponsors. Hope to
see you there! Location and date to be announced.

Contest Update:
We are moving our contest back to the 2nd weekend in June. We encourage everyone
to come out regardless of experience. We plan on adding our 4 man light horse
concave with specimen shoe contest. Dates and location to be announced.

Precert clinic March 26 & 27
Held near State College,Trey Green CJF (former AFA team member) and Mike Augastein CJF will be available along with too many CJF's to count to help you out on anything you want need to work on. This is going to be a huge hands on clinic! The precertification will be on the 27th. But that doesn't mean that you have to focus on that. If you want to draw clips, cool. If you want to build roadsters that's cool too! Bring some shoes, steel, or even aluminum we don't care, it's all about what you want to do!

The precertification on the 27th will be FREE of charge. Please do not forget about the hands on clinic with Trey Green CJF and Mike Augenstine CJF on Friday March 26th.

Contact Chris Diehl (717) 428-1044 or by email, for directions and hotel info.

Annual Equine Symposium Friday March 26, 2010
"Veterinarians and Farriers" - "Working Together for the Horse’s Benefit" hosted by the Northwestern Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association. Click above link to learn more.

"Bash at the Beach" Forging Contest Saturday March 27, 2010
Five Star Farrier Supply and the VHA - view flyer for details. For more information or to RSVP please call Tamson Howard 757-773-7234 or Jennifer Hite 804-512-2134.

Spring Certification April 9 and 10
Our Spring AFA Certification hosted by the PPFA, is April 9th and 10th with an all day precert. clinic (excluding horses), beginning at 9 am. The written exams will begin at 6 pm, please arrive around 4 pm to register if you choose not to to the precert. The practical portions will be held at 9 am on Sat. the 10th. Registration is at 8 am. The contact person for this cert. is Phil Bower CJF, his phone number is (717)-677-0024. Hotels are plentiful but we have a section blocked off. Our examiner is going to Andrew Elsbree CJF, former AFA pres. Please call to let us know that your coming.

Dissection Clinic Saturday April 10
Maryland Farriers' Association - view flyer for details.

Laminitis Seminar March 13
Edelson Equine Associates - view flyer for details.

Members meeting March 14
2 pm at the Cracker Barrel near Harrisburg
Contact Buddy Delong (610)823-0330 or email, for directions.

Announcement: February 13th - Vet/Farrier Shortcourse
      I am writing you on behalf of the Vet/Farrier shortcourse that is coming up at University of Pennsylvania on February 13th, 2010. As you know, this is a shortcourse presented to the vet students concerning horse hooves, anatomy, form and function, and shoe removal. It is a one day clinic that consists of lectures in the morning from a veterinarian and a farrier, as well as a practical hands on lab using cadaver limbs in the afternoon. Matt Gillis, CJF is the farrier presenter and he is going to need help from you and your local farriers in teaming up with the students in the lab to assist in the hands on aspect of the program.

This is a great opportunity for us to have a positive impact on the horse world by helping promote competency in the veterinary student as well as forging an open communication channel with future practitioners. The farriers are welcome to come for the whole day as the morning anatomy and physiology lectures are very informative, but if the farriers only wanted to show up for the lab that would be most appreciated as well. I know time is short but as you know the planning of these things come together rather quickly at times.

Thanks very much for your help!


Steve Prescott, cjf

February 12-13: University of Pennsylvania
Student Chapter President: Ms. Abby Donahue and Ms. Kate Wulster (617) 462-2721

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Ben Martin

AAEP veterinarians: Dr. Tracey Turner (763) 441-3797

Farrier Instructor: Matt Gillis (574) 371-7895

-- 2009 --

Morgan Equine March 21 & 22
We will be having a tool/ shoe making clinic starting at 8:00am both days.
Tuition will be 375.00. The clinic will be limited to 8 participants.
All tool steel, mild steel will be available for purchase by the foot, and all the supplies needed to build tools. You are more than welcome to bring your own steel and rigs.
We have 4 free standing rigs, as well as one coke rig available at 40.00 per rig for the weekend, propane will also be available for purchase. Cots can be provided at 25.00 per night, you will need to bring your own bedding, there are also area hotels.
The clinic fee of 375.00, a non refundable deposit will be due March 9 and will guarantee your spot. These clinics fill fast so if you are interested please call
607-592-4220, or email.
Morgan Equine
169 Tucker Hill Road
Locke NY 13092

* Shoeing For the Kids Day March 28th
Volunteers are needed for the Shoeing for the Kids Day.
Held by the PPFA and we want to make it a success, and we want to make sure we have enough help. Bring the entire family! Shoes and nails will be provided compliments of Distribution and St.Croix/Mustad handle horses, sell raffle tickets, etc. this opportunity to have the first hammer in of the year. To be held at t he Mountain Spring Arena in Shartlesville Pa. mountainspringarena.com
Please contact Cody Holden at 570-573-1726 or Buddy DeLong at 610-823-0330

Maryland Farrier’s Assoc. Pre-certification Clinic
April 4th, Frederick MD
Please contact: Doug Anderson 412-889-2765; Corey Minnick 301-748-7754

VHA Shayne Carter - Hands on Clinic
April 17th &18th. Space limited to ten, Spotsylvania,VA. Contact Butch Hockaday CJF 540-582-5486.

WCB Contest
April 17-19, Madison, WI

West Virginia Annual Clinic and Contest
April 24th and 25th. Contact Anthony Nelson CF 740-236-2497.

MFA AFA Certification Examiner: Dennis Manning
May 1st and 2nd, Frederick MD
Please contact: Doug Anderson 412-889-2765 or Corey Minnick 301-748-7754

Spring Certification -All levels Pre-certification AND Certification
May 8th & 9th. Buddy DeLong’s place, 560 Schubert Rd, Bethel, PA 19057
On Friday, we will be available from 8 am until 7 pm to help anybody prepare for the written test which will take place at 7pm that night. We will also go over shoe boards and guide you through the practical so you will have a better chance of passing. On Saturday, we ask that every be present no later than 7:15 so we can begin testing at 8:00. Saturday will include shoe board, and the live shoeing practical.
Examiner: Andrew Elsbree
We request that all persons taking the certification pre register by contacting
Cody, 570-573-1726 or Buddy DeLong at 610-823-0330.

AFA Farrier’s Team - Practice and Hands on Clinic
May 15th & 16th with Team & Roy Bloom. Spotsylvania VA. Contact Butch Hockaday CJF 540- 582- 5486

MFA Hammer In and Contest
May 16th and 17th (contest on the 17th), Westminster, MD
Please contact: Dean Geis 443-250-0864

AFA Team Practice, June 19th (practice) & 20th (clinic), Westminster, MD
Please contact: Corey Minnick 301-748-7754, Josh Eggink 301-418-1237.

PPFA Annual Forging Contest & Clinic
July 17th- Clinic at New Amsterdam Farrier Supply,
July 18th-Contest at @ Buddy DeLong’s, 560 Schubert Rd, Bethel, PA 19057
Please contact: Cody Holden or Buddy DeLong. Examiner: TBA
Will have from beginning of the first class to the end of the last class to make the entire AFA Certified Farrier shoe display board. Shoes, 2 degree wedge pad,2 copper rivets and long heeled shoes will be provided. Bar shoe MUST be forge welded! For complete shoe list go to www.americanfarriers.org. The top 4 will advance to the live shoeing 1 front with keg shoe toe clipped.
Intermediate 1 hour classes:
Class1: Pair of plain stamp hinds with trailers with quarter clips 5/16 x 3/4x 11 1/2"
Class 2: 1 straight bar and 1 egg bar to match pattern 5/16 x 3/4x 14”
Class 3: pair of plain stamped shoes to fit pattern given at the beginning of the class must measure and cut during time shears, and saws will be available.
The top 4 will advance to live shoeing 1F 3/4 fullered toe clipped.
Open 1 hour classes:
Class 1: pr 3/8x1x 11" hind pattern massolete clip stud punched with clip drawn out.
Class 2: AFA qualifier.
Class 3: AFA specialty class Centennial shoe 10" of 3/8x3/4 and lateral support front 10 1/2" of 5/16x1.
The top 4 will advance to the live shoeing pair of hinds quarter clipped out of concave.
Call Cody Holden or Buddy Delong.

Volunteers are needed for the Shoeing for the Kids Day. This is the first time this type of event is being held by the PPFA and we want to make it a success. This event has the potential to be huge and we want to make sure we have enough help. All help will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to bring the entire family. Shoes and nails will be provided compliments of Farrier Products Distribution. Apart from farriers, we will also need volunteers to possibly handle horses, sell raffle tickets, etc. In the event, that we have more farriers than horses, we will take this opportunity to have the first hammer in of the year. If you are interested in helping, please contact Buddy DeLong at  610-823-0330 or Cody Holden at  570-573-1726.


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